Hana - Your AI-Powered Team Member in Google Chat

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Hana - Your AI-Powered Team Member in Google Chat

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Hana is an AI-powered virtual assistant that brings a new level of collaboration to your Google Chat groups. With Hana seamlessly integrated into Google Chat, your team can benefit from an all-knowing, forever-remembering, all-expert team member available 247. Hana simplifies your workflow, enhances productivity, and helps your team focus on the most important tasks at hand.

One of Hana’s key features is its advanced image understanding capability. Whether it’s diagnosing errors from screenshots or providing insights from visual data, Hana’s image intelligence is a game-changer for efficient problem-solving. With Hana, your team can easily share and analyze images within the chat context, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making.

In addition to its image intelligence, Hana offers comprehensive integration with the Google ecosystem. With existing integration with Google Docs and Google Calendar, and more to come in the v2 release, Hana serves as a central hub for productivity within the Google ecosystem. This integration allows for seamless collaboration and easy access to relevant information, ensuring that your team stays organized and efficient.

Hana also features personalized control dashboard, where you can customize your Hana experience according to your preferences. From adjusting settings to reviewing report messages, the dashboard provides a convenient way to manage your interactions with Hana in one centralized location.

To learn more about Hana and unlock its powerful capabilities, visit Hana.

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